Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

As a political party of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the All Ceylon Makkal Congress is undertaking several constructive steps for the wellbeing of the society, and also has committed to fulfill many proposed objectives:

They are:

01. Although the majority of the country is Sinhalese, and the Muslims and Tamils should not be grouped under the category of minorities, considering the numbers it should be ensured that they have to be equally treated in all circumstances.

02. The Muslims who were forcibly evicted by the terrorists and the people who were displaced due to the civil war have to be provided with an environment conducive to live with dignity by resettling at their own places of origin.

03.While ensuring the religious freedom of the Muslims and Tamils living in all parts of the island including North and East, assisting these people to improve their religious rites and the religious sites have to be developed. And at the same time rising against those racists who disturbs religious amity.

04.Ensure the Muslims, Tamils and other races to obtain their natural and fundamental rights without any difficulty and to provide them with a suitable environment to enjoy those rights.

05. Action has to be undertaken to offer all ethnic communities with a peaceful and a healthy life in the post-war Sri Lanka and also to provide them with all employment and development opportunities on the basis of ethnic proportion.

06.Although the Government which includes All Ceylon Makkal Congress has brought constitutional amendments and power-sharing within the Sri Lankan territory. If the legal provision found to be offending the second and third ethnic groups Tamils and Muslims, we will fight against it.

07.To protect and to voice for the rights and aspirations of the Muslims under the democratic political arena, to recover the places captured and to safeguard the existing living places.

08.While removing the contradictions found among us, if there are obstacles for the future generations to enjoy the peaceful environment and good qualities and cultural values, action will be taken to remove them and to commit ourselves.