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The human tragedy at Rambukkana – 19/04/2022

We the All Ceylon Makkal Congress, resolutely and vehemently condemn and castigates the reckless shootings, at the demands based- slogan chanting,   demonstrators, killing one person and injuring more than 24: some are very seriously.

Rambukkana incident, is merely a tip of the gigantic Iceberg of mass protests spontaneously sprouting out, all over the Island – a direct projection and reflection of the Galle Face famed ceaseless mass demonstration.

At Rambukkana,  people of all different classes together, queuing up in lines, holding slogans  demanded basic essentials of life – foods, gas, fuel, electricity and milk powder for the children etc., which were lacking and unreachable for weeks and months, resulted through  the splendid corruption and   mismanagement of the government.

Firing at the impoverished innocent citizens, is an exceedingly high-handed, vindictive and vituperative act rejected by any average human being.

The government should realize that the uninterrupted, untiring, unyielding, unwavering and continuous agitations of the people against the government, are the ample demonstration of the eruption and explosion of the boiling feelings and frustrations of the citizenry.

From a historical perspectives, some conspicuous and  amazing similitudes can be easily drawn  between the  present popular spontaneous uprisings centered at Galle Face president’s secretariat and the world renowned  French Revolution of 1789 and the  famous Iranian Revolution of 1978.

In all these  three episodes, the most basically striking feature was, that all the people of different entities, classes, hierarchy and layers; from the top to bottom; Lord to servitude; master to servants; rich to poor;  intellectuals to illiterates ; land Lords to farmers; commanders to soldiers; higher echelons to lowest   rags were discontent, frustrated and dissatisfied with the rulers.

In France the King Louis the xvi was executed while the Queen Marie Antoinette was guillotined in 1793. 

In Iran the despicable dictatorial ruler Sha Reza Pahlavi was dethroned in 1979 and the popular revolutionary Supreme Leader Ayathullah Ruhollah Khomeini was enthroned.

Changes are bound to happen.
No force can match the force of the people.. 
The inspirations, aspirations, expectations and the agitations of the masses must be respected and honoured.      
S.Subairdeen – Secretary General,
All Ceylon Makkal Congress.

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